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HI HELLO welcome to my website! i intend to use this site primarily as an archive to compile all my creations around the web as well as some fun stuff + execute some personal projects!
this'll be my first time actually working with html, css, java, etc. so it might take a while for me to create what I envision for this site. as i start working on my various site pages (there really isn't much of anything yet) i'll link them all here on the splash-screen, so you can see them grow!

chibiu gif of a monkey with a flower in their hair being pushed on a swing by another monkey with permanently closed eyes. they both seem to be having fun


lists for site plan
my multiverse (ocs)

text overlaid over an image of a man smiling at the camera that states the following: IF YOU say shit like 'humans are horrible and children are annoying and love isnt real'.......... / IM FUCKING STEALING SOMETHING OUT YOUR HOUSE!!! expect more to come sometime soon possibly maybe I hope LMFAO

l8r sk8r - 7/3/23